HDTv APK – Download HDTV APP on Android (OFFICIAL)

Are you missing out on your favorite TV shows because of your busy schedule? Well, you can say goodbye to those days. You can now get all of them on your Android devices for free. HDTV APK is a live TV app for Android that gives you access to thousands of TV channels. You can get both regional and international TV channels using this app. Most of the regional channels from India are available in the app. You can get the best collection of TV channels for free with HDTV APK on Android.

Now, you won’t miss a single episode of your favorite TV shows. You can watch them on the go by download HDTV APK on Android. It provides you with the best quality entertainment. There is no need to register in the app. You can watch sports, news, movies, music and many more channels for free with this app. Check out: Phoenix TV APK Download on Android (Morpheus TV Clone).

HDTV APK – Features

The latest HDTV APK is the best IPTV service in the market. You can enjoy a great range of TV channels in this app. Now, you don’t have to stick around the TV set to watch your favorite shows. Here are some features of HDTV APK. All you have to do is to download HDTV APK on Android. This article gives you detailed instructions to download HDTV APK on Android.

  1. It offers you more than 1000 TV channels from different parts of the world.
  2. All the TV channels are available in HD resolution.
  3. You can stream them without any subscription fee.
  4. The app has support for Chromecast, NVidia Shield, etc using which you can connect them to different device platforms.
  5. It has a simple and clean user interface that is easy to operate.
  6. There are no lags in the app that will let you stream live TV without limits.
  7. The app does not require much storage space and hence is lightweight.

You can find TV channels in Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi and many more. There are channels over a hundred languages available in HDTV APK for Android. You should download the HDTV app and discover more.

Install HDTV APK on Android Devices

HDTV APK gives you the best live TV experience. None of the cable operators nor apps provide you with such a huge collection of TV channels and shows. You can watch them no matter where you are. It is userfriendly and has no buffering time. You can download HDTV APK on Android by following the steps provided below.

  • You need to take the Settings and tap on the Security option.
  • It is required to turn on the Unknown Sources option from here.
  • Next, you have to go to the link provided below using any browser on Android.

   HDTV APK [v1.5]

  • You will be taken to the download page of HDTV APK where you need to tap on the Download button.

Install HDTV

  • The HDTV APK file will be downloaded shortly. You need to locate and open the file.
  • This will display a confirmation window on the screen where you need to click on Install.

Install HDTV APK

  • You have to Allow the app permissions and the HDTV app will be installed.

Updated HDTV APK on Android

You can access your favorite TV channels without wasting a single penny using the HDTV app.

HDTV APK on Android – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is HDTV APK safe?

Yes, HDTV APK does not require rooting your Android. There are no errors either and hence, it is safe.

  1. How to get HDTV app on Android?

You can go to the above URL and download the app.

  1. Is there are a premium version of HDTV?

No, all the contents are free on HDTV.

  1. Is HDTV free of ads?

No, there are minimal ads in the HDTV app, but it won’t interrupt your entertainment much.

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 HDTV APK on Android – Conclusion

HDTV APK is a great app for Android that will let you access all the TV channels you wanted to have for free. You can find content from all over the world in this app. You don’t even have to sign up to use the HDTV app on Android. The latest version of HDTV APK comes with new features for smoother streaming.

VivaTV APK – Download Viva TV APP on Android (OFFICIAL)

VivaTV APK is a third-party streaming application that fetches HD links for the latest movies/TV shows on your Android smartphone/tablets. The application crawls over reliable sources and brings the link to the searched content on your smartphone.

Movies like Terminator-Dark Fate, Jumanji-The Next Level, and more are readily available on Viva TV APK. Check out: Phoenix TV APK Download on Android (Morpheus TV Clone).

VivaTV APK – Features:

VivaTV APK Download comes with certain features that are exceedingly difficult to find in any other relative application. Check out the same below.

  • You get links for 4K Content as well.
  • Trakt.tv support ensures that your watch list and favorites stay with you.
  • The app boasts of support for Real Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize as well.

Viva TV APK |  Installation Requirements

Since, VivaTV APK is a third-party streaming application, prior to initializing the download and installation process, please make your way to Settings -> Security on your Android smartphone and toggle ON the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’

Check out: Typhoon TV APK | Download Typhoon TV App on Android (LATEST).

Install VivaTV APK on Android Devices

  • Please download the latest VivaTV APK file on your Android smartphone from here.

   VivaTV APK

  • Tap on the APK file to commence the installation process.
  • Provide the required permissions and proceed with the simple on-screen instructions.
  • Hit ‘Install’ to continue with the process.

viva TV APK Install

  • Within a few minutes, the installation will complete. Tap on ‘Finish’ to exit the installation screen.

VIVA TV APK Download

  • Launch the application from the home screen of your Android smartphone.
  • Start streaming your favorite titles.

VivaTV APK – How To Use?

Once you launch the application, you will see some popular titles coming up on the home screen. In order to look for the desired title, you can search for the same using the Search Bar. The application will fetch various links for you.

VivaTV APK Interface

Each link will detail the picture quality and you can choose the HD link from the list. Once you play the title, using the in-playback menu, you can look out for subtitles as well.

VivaTV APK – Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is VivaTV compatible with Firestick?

Yes! The application is compatible with Firestick.

Q – Can we install Viva TV on Android TV?

Yes! You can install VivaTV on Android TV as well.

Q – I don’t have much space on my Android smartphone! Can I install Viva TV APK?

The application doesn’t host any data. It simply fetches links from reliable sources thereby making it an incredibly lightweight application. Hence, you can install the application without worrying about any kind of space issues.

Q – Is VivaTV compatible with Chromecast?

As of now, Chromecast compatibility is not present in the application. However, the developers have given a word that the same will be added in further updates.

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 VivaTV APK on Android – Conclusion

This was everything about the amazing Viva TV APK application. If you face any issues while installing or using the application, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. Also, you are welcome to ask additional questions if any.

We will get back to you with the required answers on a priority basis.

Install Morphix TV on FireStick & Fire TV (OFFICIAL UPDATE)

The market of third-party streaming applications refuses to lose its luster. Movie buffs from all around the world find it wise to utilize third-party streaming apps for free rather than spending considerable bucks on acquiring a subscription for the official streaming apps. In this post, we are going to talk about a new third-party streaming app that goes by the name of Morphix TV. Continue reading to know how to install Morphix TV on Firestick/Fire TV.

With a one-click playback feature, the application provides buffer-free streaming and a great experience that will make you lose yourself to Morphix TV. Check out: Phoenix TV APK Download on Android (Morpheus TV Clone).

Why Morphix TV is the best?

With so many third-party streaming applications hanging around, the first question that comes in a user mind is that why he/she should go for a new application. Well! Speaking about Morphix TV APK, the application has got an advantage that you won’t find any fake or broken links on the platform.

On a Fire device, we suffer from a major problem, which is lack of space. Coming to Morphix TV APK, the application doesn’t host any content. It simply fetches high-quality links from reliable sources making the application consume no more than 5.5 MB of space. Hence, Morphix TV is extremely ideal for your Firestick/Fire TV.

Install Morphix TV APK on Firestick/Fire TV

  • Your first step is to navigate to Settings -> My Device (Firestick) -> Developer Options and toggle ON the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Fire device.

unknown sources

  • Next, simply search for the ‘Downloader’ application and install the same on your Firestick. The application sports an orange-colored icon with a download arrow.

Select Downloader

  • After successful installation, please launch the application and from the Options tab on the left, please navigate to ‘Settings’ and enable JavaScript.
  • Once the above is done, please make your way to the ‘Home’ option of the Downloader application and enter the following URL. Hit ‘Go’ post entering the URL.


Enter-Download-URL-of- Morphix-TV

  • This will download the latest Morphix TV  APK on your Firestick. After the download, your Firestick will seek your confirmation for installing Morphix TV. Please provide the same and wait for the installation to get over. It won’t take more than few minutes.


  • Please delete the APK file after a successful installation when your Firestick prompts you for the same.


  • That’s it! You have successfully installed Morphix TV APK on your Fire device.
  • You can locate and launch the same from the ‘Yours Apps and Channels’ section of your Firestick.

Morphix TV on Firestick/Fire TV – FAQs

Q – Does Morphix app contain ads?

No! Morphix TV is a completely ad-free application.

Q – Is it safe to stream on Morphix TV?

All the links provided by the application are scanned for viruses and other malware. However, a VPN is recommended for streaming.

Q – Can I install Morphix TV APK on PC?

Yes! All you need is an Android emulator for the task. Please go ahead with either Bluestacks or Nox App Player.

Q – Is Morphix TV available on iOS?

No! As of now Morphix TV isn’t available on iOS.

Q – Does Morphix TV comes with subtitles?

Yes! Morphix TV fetches high-quality links from reliable sources. A majority of these links come with multi-lingual subtitles and the same will be mentioned in the name of the link.

Morphix TV APK – Errors and Fixes

Morphix TV unable to fetch links [FIX]

This is a simple issue that a majority of the users of Morphix TV are reporting. The primary reason behind this is poor WiFi connectivity. Please check your WiFi connectivity.

Unable to install Morphix TV [FIX]

Please make sure that you have toggled ON the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Firestick prior to commencing the installation of Morphix TV. Since it is a third-party application the installation won’t start before completing this step.

 Unable to download Morphix TV APK [FIX]

Please make sure that you have enabled JavaScript in the ‘Settings’ option of the Downloader application prior to entering the link in the Home tab.


Enable JavaScript FirestickActivating JavaScript is essential for the webpage to load enabling you to download the APK file from the same.

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Morphix TV APK on Firestick & Fire TV– Final Words

These were the simple steps to download and install Morphix TV on Firestick/Fire TV. If you have any further questions to ask or face any kind of issues during the installation process, please reach us via the comments section provided below.

Required assistance will be provided on a priority basis.

OREO TV APK | Download OREO TV on Android (LATEST)

Do you wish to get new entertainment content every day? The best app for you is Oreo TV APK. It is an app which provides you with live TV, movies and hundreds of TV channels from all parts of the world. You no longer have to waste your money by subscribing to paid apps like Hotstar, Netflix, etc. Oreo TV app is completely free of cost. You can even avail of the TV channels and contents offered by other IPTV services like JioTV, Airtel TV, etc using this app. The latest version released is Oreo TV APK v1.7.4.

The entertainment contents offered by Oreo TV are amazing. It has one of the largest collections of TV shows and channels. There is also plenty of movies for you to watch in this amazing streaming app. Oreo TV APK is available for Android and lets you watch movies, TV shows, etc no matter wherever you are. Now you can enjoy entertainment within a few taps using the latest Oreo TV app. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given in this article and download Oreo TV APK on Android.

Features | Oreo TV APK

Amazing video content is provided by the latest Oreo TV APK. The version gives you free access to TV channels that are not even included in your cable. Check out more features of Oreo TV APK on Android.

  • There are more than 6000 TV channels which you can find on live TV.
  • You can download movies and TV series easily.
  • The user interface of the app is amazing and efficient to ensure easy streaming.
  • You can avail the services at the highest streaming speed.
  • There is an in-built video player that supports almost all video formats.
  • It is safe and no rooting is involved in accessing the app.
  • There is no need to subscribe or register in the app.
  • All the videos and channels are available in HD quality.

Oreo TV app is the best streaming app in the market. It also provides you with live TV service. This way, you will need only a single app to get them all. You can download Oreo TV APK and enjoy unlimited entertainment for free.


App Name Oreo TV APK
App Size 4.5 MB
Version v1.8
Required Version Android 4.2 and above
Category Movies and Shows
Price Free

How To Install Oreo TV APK on Android

Oreo TV APK gives you an immense collection of movies, TV shows, channels and many more. You can watch them by simply downloading the app. This section gives you the safest method to download Oreo TV APK on Android for free.

  • First, you are required to open the Settings and go to the Security tab. Turn on the Unknown Sources option.
  • Now, you have to open any browser on Android and visit the URL given below.

   Download OREO TV APK

  • The download page of the Oreo TV app comes up. Hit the Download button here.

oreo tv apk download

  • Oreo TV APK file will be downloaded. Locate the file in your device.

latest oreo tv apk

  • You need to open the APK file which gives you a confirmation window.
  • Give app permissions to Oreo TV and then tap on Install.

Oreo TV APK will be installed shortly. You can launch the app and search for the entertainment content you wish to watch. It has a well-organized database which makes it easy to find the videos and channels you need.


  • Is Oreo TV APK safe for your device?

Yes, Oreo TV APK is the safest video streaming app for your devices. It also provides you with IPTV that has thousands of TV channels including international ones that can be availed safely. You can also use a VPN to ensure more safety.

  • Does the Oreo TV app have ads?

No, Oreo TV APK is completely free of ads. You can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment content and TV channels using the app.

  • What does the latest Oreo TV APK provide?

Download Oreo TV APK is all you need if you are a movie enthusiast. Tons of movies, shows, series, and live TV channels are offered by the app for free. There is no lag at all while using the app. Also, you can get movies and TV shows in HD resolution.

  • Does Oreo TV APK support external video players?

Yes, you can watch the contents in the Oreo TV app using external video players such as MX Player.

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Conclusion- Download and Install Oreo TV APK

Oreo TV app is the most downloaded entertainment app which gives you all types of entertainment shows. It is as if you are carrying a TV in your pocket. You can watch all the video content for free. It can also be downloaded safely. Oreo TV APK for Android is the fastest streaming service right now. You can download Oreo TV using the method provided and experience the best entertainment.

Thank You.

Typhoon TV APK | Download Typhoon TV App on Android (LATEST)

Typhoon TV on Android Devices: Various apps are here nowadays for streaming and watching your favorite movies and shows with so many options; it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Many of the popular and most used, have been blocked or removed, making it difficult for users.

Every app has got some great features and qualities with it, but there are few which are complete in wholesome. Typhoon TV is one with all great features inclusive in it. With free to use policy and very safe and reliable design. A great streaming app which is completely free to use and is also quite safe and reliable, Typhoon TV offers a great service as a movie streaming app. later in the article we will discuss more the app and will also tell you how to download the application. Solex TV APK Download on Android which is a good alternative for Morph TV and Typhoon TV Apps.

Features of Typhoon TV APK

An amazing streaming app, Typhoon TV has got some remarkable features, few of which are as follows.

  • With movies and show available under various quality types, the app has a broad and diverse data collection of movies and shows in it.
  • The app even has a very high streaming speed; thus, very little to no wait while streaming with it.
  • The app has got its own in-built video player.
  • Watch your shows over a big screen as it also supports Chromecast feature.
  • Downloading and sharing your favorite videos is now easy with this app.
  • Quite flexible and easy to use the app.
  • No registration or any other hidden fee, a completely free to use application.
  • Supports Real Debrid, Firestick, and even fireTV.
  • Bookmark option and multiple language subtitles option are available.
  • Quite a number of options in its genre.
App Name Typhoon TV App
APK Size 12.7 MB
Category Entertainment (Movies & TV Shows)
Required Android Version v5.0 & Up
Installs 10,000,00+
App Priority Highly Recommended
Version v2.0.7 APK

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Typhoon TV APK | Download Typhoon TV App on Android

The download and installation process of an app is pretty easy and quite universal for any app; below are the steps you need to follow for the task:

  • At first, you need to click on the below link to download the app’s APK into your Android device.


  • Now once the download is a complete go to the settings of your device and under the security look up for the Unknown sources option.
  • Allow it by turning it on.

    Enable Unknown Sources
    Enable Unknown Sources
  • Now in the download manager look for the downloaded APK and click and install it.

    Install Typhoon TV APK
    Install Typhoon TV APK
  • Let the installation get completed, and once done, you can then start using the application.

    Typhoon TV App Installed on Android
    Typhoon TV App Installed on Android

Changelog with the New Update of Typhoon TV:

1.    Usable for android 5.0 and above, thus covering a big range of devices.

2.    Many more video links have been added.

3.    New hosts and providers have been included.

4.    Fixed up various bugs and issues that were complained of.

5.    Any broken providers have been disabled too.

Typhoon TV APK Updated
Typhoon TV APK Updated

How to Use the Typhoon TV APK 

Typhoon TV has got a pretty clean user interface, with a search bar at the top you can look for the movies or shows you want to watch. There is also a drop down bar in the side to help you choose from various categories like Trending, new release, etc. To watch a show you can click on it and press on the play button there; you can even read synopsis and see rating before watching a show to have a glimpse of what you are going to watch.

Typhoon TV APP User Interface
Typhoon TV APP User Interface

You have got an in-built video player. Thus no need for you to download a different one, and support of multiple languages of subtitles is also there. If you are facing any issue with Morph TV: “[Fixed*] Morph TV Not Working, No Data/Links Available & Crashing Errors“.

Alternatives to the App – Similar Apps like Typhoon TV APK

The app is sure a great one to use, but still, if you face any issues or want to look for a different application to use then you have got some pretty good option ahead of you, with some great features these below are the alternatives to the app:

  1. Titanium APK
  2. CyberFlix APK
  3. FreeFlix HQ
  4. Tea TV
  5. Kodi
  6. Dream TV
  7. Bee TV
  8. Morph TV etc.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

1.    Can we use Typhoon TV on PC?

Yes, but you would need to have an emulator that can run android apps on your PC, like Bluestacks.

2.    Is Typhoon TV AD-free?

Yes, the app is ad-free and thus avoiding the annoying disturbance while using an app.

3.    Is there any cost involved in using Typhoon TV?

No, the app is completely free to use.

4.    Is Typhoon TV safe in terms of virus-security?

Yes, the app is safe and reliable to use with completely scanned for any viruses for your device.

Few Similar Apps we Have listed here:

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Conclusion: Typhoon TV APK Download on Android Mobiles & Tablets

A great application, indeed, Typhoon TV offers a lot of services and features. The app has got some pretty good qualities and is completely free, of cost and of ads, to use. With this article, we have acknowledged various features along with its steps on installing the application. We hope this article was of great help to you.

Thank You.