[Fixed*] Morph TV Subtitle & Morph TV Buffering Errors (Updated)

Undoubtedly, Morph TV is the best application, as of now, for watching the latest movies & TV Shows on your Android & iOS smartphones. Quick availability of latest content and unparalleled customer support are the two primary factors behind the exponentially rising popularity of Morph TV. The scrappers of Morph TV fetch links from high-quality sources so the entire content available in the application is in high definition. Moreover, if you want you can even download your favorite content to your local storage and watch the same offline without an internet connection.

Morph TV errors fix
Morph TV Subtitle & Morph TV Buffering Errors (Updated)

Morph TV has got a unique feature of request-for-content as well through which users can place a request with the content management team to add a particular movie or TV Show to the application if the same is not available. However, just like any other application, Morph TV has its fair share of an issue as well. Users, from all over the world, are reporting subtitles as well as buffering errors on Morph TV. Fortunately, there are working solutions for both. In this post, we are going to share with you the probable solutions for Morph TV Subtitles Error and Morph TV Buffering Errors. Check out: Morph TV on Android TV Box | Install Morph TV APK on Smart TV (Guide).

#1 How To Fix Subtitles Error on Morph TV [STEPS]

The report of this error has, generally, come up from Android users of Morph TV stating that the application isn’t playing subtitles. However, you can easily resolve the issue by following the below steps:

  • Please launch Google Play Store and download MX Player.
  • Next time, whenever you are going to play any stream on Morph TV, you can select the playback player as MX Player.
  • From the MX Player menu, select the option of ‘Subtitle’ and choose ‘Get Subtitle Online.’


  • Simply, add the name of the movie or the TV Show which you are watching and the subtitle track will come up automatically with your playback.

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#2 How To Fix Buffering Issues on Morph TV [STEPS]

Buffering issues can crop up on any platform. Your first step is to check your internet connection whether it is delivering the required speed or not. If not, then you got to contact your ISP for the same.

Please note that while you select a particular content, Morph TV displays a lot many servers for the same. However, it also recommends the best servers for playback. It is recommended that you go with the best servers only for playback as you won’t face any kind of buffering issues on these.


Also, if it happens to be a server related issue, we recommend waiting for some time before trying again. In the meantime, server refresh will happen and you can play your content without facing any kind of buffering issues.

Another fix is that you can try clearing the data of Morph TV from the Settings. This will clear the cache and may resolve the buffering issues which you are facing.

However, if none of the above works, go ahead and install a VPN on your device.

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[Fix] Morph TV Buffering Issues and Subtitles Error

These were the probable solutions for Morph TV Buffering Issues and Subtitles error. However, if you are still facing the same issues, please let us know in the comments section provided below. We will look into the issue for you and provide you with an alternative solution.

16 thoughts on “[Fixed*] Morph TV Subtitle & Morph TV Buffering Errors (Updated)

  1. V1.70 and v1.73 had issues on my Nvidia Shield. Crashed at end of watching something. Dunno if it is Trakt related. Keep having to revert to 1.69 for stability.

  2. Have had so many buffering problems lately. When I first downloaded it was perfect but now it can be brutal to watch a show. I’ve cleared the data and cache etc. Can you help?

  3. I’ve tried the above instructions but I guess I’m confused about selecting the MK player as it’s not in the available options for subtitles on morph tv. I cannot get subtitles on either morph or morpheus.

  4. Hi. great work 👍👍 is it possible to get more options to select more subtitles? I have a suggestion if Morp tv will add subtitles form subscene. That’s would be great.

  5. Hi there I have morph TV and I have issues with finding links. my Amazon fire stick is only half full and I have repeatedly cleared cache and data.
    I can get to the seasons ok but I cannot play any series due to no links.
    Please advise

  6. please i tried to fix the subtitles distance but no use they’re always on top of the screen. is there anything you can do to help

  7. Every now and then when watching movies sometimes it’ll shut off a couple times throughout the movie how do I fix that problem

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