Install Morphix TV on FireStick & Fire TV (OFFICIAL UPDATE)

The market of third-party streaming applications refuses to lose its luster. Movie buffs from all around the world find it wise to utilize third-party streaming apps for free rather than spending considerable bucks on acquiring a subscription for the official streaming apps. In this post, we are going to talk about a new third-party streaming app that goes by the name of Morphix TV. Continue reading to know how to install Morphix TV on Firestick/Fire TV.

With a one-click playback feature, the application provides buffer-free streaming and a great experience that will make you lose yourself to Morphix TV. Check out: Phoenix TV APK Download on Android (Morpheus TV Clone).

Why Morphix TV is the best?

With so many third-party streaming applications hanging around, the first question that comes in a user mind is that why he/she should go for a new application. Well! Speaking about Morphix TV APK, the application has got an advantage that you won’t find any fake or broken links on the platform.

On a Fire device, we suffer from a major problem, which is lack of space. Coming to Morphix TV APK, the application doesn’t host any content. It simply fetches high-quality links from reliable sources making the application consume no more than 5.5 MB of space. Hence, Morphix TV is extremely ideal for your Firestick/Fire TV.

Install Morphix TV APK on Firestick/Fire TV

  • Your first step is to navigate to Settings -> My Device (Firestick) -> Developer Options and toggle ON the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Fire device.

unknown sources

  • Next, simply search for the ‘Downloader’ application and install the same on your Firestick. The application sports an orange-colored icon with a download arrow.

Select Downloader

  • After successful installation, please launch the application and from the Options tab on the left, please navigate to ‘Settings’ and enable JavaScript.
  • Once the above is done, please make your way to the ‘Home’ option of the Downloader application and enter the following URL. Hit ‘Go’ post entering the URL.


Enter-Download-URL-of- Morphix-TV

  • This will download the latest Morphix TV  APK on your Firestick. After the download, your Firestick will seek your confirmation for installing Morphix TV. Please provide the same and wait for the installation to get over. It won’t take more than few minutes.


  • Please delete the APK file after a successful installation when your Firestick prompts you for the same.


  • That’s it! You have successfully installed Morphix TV APK on your Fire device.
  • You can locate and launch the same from the ‘Yours Apps and Channels’ section of your Firestick.

Morphix TV on Firestick/Fire TV – FAQs

Q – Does Morphix app contain ads?

No! Morphix TV is a completely ad-free application.

Q – Is it safe to stream on Morphix TV?

All the links provided by the application are scanned for viruses and other malware. However, a VPN is recommended for streaming.

Q – Can I install Morphix TV APK on PC?

Yes! All you need is an Android emulator for the task. Please go ahead with either Bluestacks or Nox App Player.

Q – Is Morphix TV available on iOS?

No! As of now Morphix TV isn’t available on iOS.

Q – Does Morphix TV comes with subtitles?

Yes! Morphix TV fetches high-quality links from reliable sources. A majority of these links come with multi-lingual subtitles and the same will be mentioned in the name of the link.

Morphix TV APK – Errors and Fixes

Morphix TV unable to fetch links [FIX]

This is a simple issue that a majority of the users of Morphix TV are reporting. The primary reason behind this is poor WiFi connectivity. Please check your WiFi connectivity.

Unable to install Morphix TV [FIX]

Please make sure that you have toggled ON the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Firestick prior to commencing the installation of Morphix TV. Since it is a third-party application the installation won’t start before completing this step.

 Unable to download Morphix TV APK [FIX]

Please make sure that you have enabled JavaScript in the ‘Settings’ option of the Downloader application prior to entering the link in the Home tab.


Enable JavaScript FirestickActivating JavaScript is essential for the webpage to load enabling you to download the APK file from the same.

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Morphix TV APK on Firestick & Fire TV– Final Words

These were the simple steps to download and install Morphix TV on Firestick/Fire TV. If you have any further questions to ask or face any kind of issues during the installation process, please reach us via the comments section provided below.

Required assistance will be provided on a priority basis.

7 thoughts on “Install Morphix TV on FireStick & Fire TV (OFFICIAL UPDATE)

  1. I was using Morphix just fine til update 1.08. I cannot select movies moving the cursor around. It’s stuck on the first movie. I’ve cleared data and cache and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled three times. Still no good. My friend had the same thing happen to him.

  2. Just installed latest update and has asked for a login and user name….never been asked to register that I can recall.please help as this is the best app I have come across .

  3. I followed all the directions, all responses looked normal but when I completed all the steps and logged in to morphia and clicked on movies, the little icon just kept spinning forever. I never did get to see a movie. I am using a fire tv cube. My network WiFi is fast enough because Netflix and Hulu work great.

  4. I have loaded and reloaded morphia on my fire stick. I am using a vpn. The star in the circle just keeps spinning but no movies ever load

  5. Downloaded Morphix the other night & thought it was great, no sources just choose a film and press play, the picture quality was amazing & no buffering. So tonight I go to play & movie & nothing happens. The screen is black. I uninstalled Morphix & reinstalled again. Restarted my firestick but it still won’t work. I decided to buy a VPN but still it won’t play movies & tried on Cinema, Cyberflix & there’s still buffering. I thought there would be a big difference having a VPN, I might cancel the subscription. Anyone have any idea as to why it worked but now nothing?

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