Morph TV APK | Download Morph TV App on Android to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Catch your Favorite Hollywood Flicks on Morph TV APK – A Clone of Morpheus TV: People who love watching movies and TV shows are into a treat these days as every now and then a new video streaming application comes up into the relative market.

A new entrant in the list is ‘Morph TV APK’ which is, actually, a clone of our good old Morph TV. According to various sources, Morph TV V1.74 is the updated version of Morph TV V1.74. Well! The application, indeed, has got a ton of useful features to provide you with a great video streaming experience. While Morph TV got involved in serious buffering issues, users are not reporting the same for Morph TV APK. The download speed provided by Morph TV is pretty fast as compared to what Morph TV was providing.

MorphTV APK Free Download
MorphTV APK Free Download

The entire content is available in high definition up to 1080p and even 4K. Even if Morph TV APK is a clone of Morph TV it, certainly, provides better performance than its parent as users are not reporting any serious bugs so far with Morph TV APK. In this post, we are going to share with you the process to download and install Morph TV APK on Android Mobile/Tablet. However, before that, you require knowing the cool features of Morph TV APK.

Morph TV: Latest Movies & TV Shows on Android – Features

Probably the coolest feature of Morph TV is that movies and TV shows are sourced from top 20 different providers and sources. Consideration is given only to the top providers; hence, the quality of the content available in Morph TV APK is the best. The development team works hard day and night to add the latest content in the application and their dedication has won many loyal users for Morph TV APK.

Morph TV APK is a much-needed app on all the Android devices. It is a great streaming app with the highest quality of video contents from different parts of the world. There are tons of movies and TV shows available in this app. You can watch all of them for free. It gives you the best streaming experience with a wide variety of genres to choose from. You can find contents ranging from action, thrillers, and horrors to comedy. All of these video contents are in HD resolution.  Download Morph TV APK also gives you access to download your favorite movies and TV shows for free. It can be downloaded in any resolution.

  • The internal video player of the application supports each and every video format. This means you can play your favorite movies and TV shows in whatever format they are available easily on Morph TV APK.
  • Apart from this, the internal player of Morph TV APK also provides the facility to include subtitles in over 20 different international languages. So, it doesn’t matter if the video is not in the language that you don’t know. Simply select the subtitles file and you are done.
  • Inbuilt Chromecast support lets you watch your favorite content on the big screen of your television or PC. So, whenever you feel like you can shift your entertainment to the big screen.
  • Morph TV APK also includes the IMDB ratings for each content so that you don’t have to switch to a different app or website to check the ratings.
  • If you happen to enter into a situation where you are not able to find a particular content on Morph TV APK then you can place a request with the development team and they will add the same on a priority basis.
  • Morph TV APK even allows you to download your favorite content so that you can watch the same offline. This feature comes extremely handy if you have to travel a lot of places where internet connection might not be that good. For downloading a particular content you require long pressing on the associated stream and a pop up will appear containing the ‘Download’ button. Press on the same to download content on your local offline storage.
  • The download speed is pretty good in Morph TV APK. The application supports accelerated downloading. So, you can download an HD movie within a few minutes on Morph TV APK.

Morph TV APK FOR Android, iOS, FireStick & PC

SIZE 28.3 MB
Min Android Requirement Android 4.0+

The coolest feature of Morph TV APK is that movies and TV shows display in separate categories, unlike the applications in which they appear jumbled. There is a separate section for movies and a separate section for TV shows. This makes the user interface of the application quite easy to navigate. There is search bar available as well to look for your favorite content directly.

Morph TV APK is the best streaming app for Android right now. The inventory of the app is simply amazing with the best movies, TV shows, etc that you can watch anytime. Morph TV is without any errors and provides you with safe streaming options.  With such fantastic features, Morph TV APK will, indeed, have a blast among movie buffs. Following are the steps to download and install Morph TV APP on Android Mobile/Tablets.

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Install Morph TV APK on Android Mobile/Tablets [STEPS]

Morph TV has a separate section for new releases which gets updated every week with new movies from all parts of the world. You can also find old movies and TV shows in Morph TV APK. All these are available for free and you can experience the best streaming services with this amazing app.

  • As a first, please download the APK file of Morph TV App from here.

Download Morph TV APK

  • Please note that this application only supports Android 4.0.3 and above.
  • Post downloading the APK file please navigate to Settings -> Security of your Android mobile and toggle on the option of Unknown Sources. This step is necessary as we are downloading a 3rd party application on our Android device which is not available on Google Play Store.

    Enable Unknown Sources - Morph TV APK
    Enable Unknown Sources – Morph TV App
  • Once the download of the APK file is over navigate to the download location and tap on the downloaded APK to initiate the installation process.
  • You will get a window stating that the application will require certain permissions to work properly. Please hit ‘Accept’ to provide the required permissions. Thereafter, on the next window that comes up please hit ‘Install.’

    Install Morph TV APK Android
    Install Morph TV APK
  • Now, be patient as the installation process might take some time.

    Morph TV App Installed
    Morph TV App Installed
  • Once the installation process is over, all you need to do is to relax, sit on your comfy couch, and enjoy your favorite TV shows and the latest movies on Morph TV APK. The icon of the same will be available on the home screen of your Android mobile.

In next articles, We will cover all other guides like Morph TV on iOS(iPhone/iPad), on FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Smart TV, Kodi, Roku, Chromecast set up, on PC and many other guides. If you all know how to do those simple things to get this application on your device, can go ahead and get it. Those who don’t know the actual procedure of getting this application please stay with us for a few more days till we release the perfect tutorials for that.

Morph TV APK is a safe app. You can even find the old TV shows you used to watch within no time, without missing an episode. You can enjoy entertainment whenever you need. Download Morph TV APK on your Android and enjoy to the fullest.

Morph TV APK – Common Errors and Fixes

Like with every application errors can come up, Morph TV is no exception. Following are some issues reported by the users along with their fixes.

  • Fix Subtitles Error on Morph TV

It may happen that for the Android users of Morph TV the app doesn’t play subtitles. However, there is, absolutely, no need to get disappointed with the same as you can easily resolve the subtitles error by downloading MX Player for playback. MX Player is available on Google Play Store. Post installing the same, when you are selecting any stream for playback on Morph please select the video player as MX Player.

From the MX Player menu select the ‘Subtitle’ option and tap on ‘Get Subtitle Online.’ You will be required to enter the name of the movie or the TV show which you are watching. The subtitle track automatically comes up on the video.

  • Morph TV No Data Available | No Data Links Available on Android

There could be several reasons behind ‘No Data Available’ error on Morph TV. As a first, you must try clearing the memory on your Android device using a good memory cleaner application.

If clearing the memory doesn’t work for you then try altering the DNS Settings as sometimes the glitch lies in the IP address of the application server and not the server, however, be sure that you have knowledge on DNS and associated stuff before proceeding.

Some of the AdBlockers don’t allow Morph TV to run properly. In such cases, please disable AdBlocker if you have got any installed in your Android device.

However, if none of the above works for you; it means that the content that you are trying to watch is restricted in your country or region. For accessing the restricted content you require installing VPN on your Android device.

  • Morph TV Not Streaming on Android After Update | App Not Opening

If Morph has stopped working on your Android device after an update then it means that there are certain compatibility issues. The latest version might have requirements which your current Android device is not able to fulfil. Hence, in such cases, it is best that you revert back to the older version of the application and refrain from upgrading the same.

  • Unfortunately, Morph TV has stopped working | App Won’t Launch

This error comes when your ISP restricts access of Morph TV to its application servers. Hence, in such cases, it is best to install a VPN service and run Morph TV hassle-free thereafter.

  • Morph TV Not Getting Installed/ Not Playing on Android

If you are unable to install Morph on your Android device then it is most likely because you are not following the installation steps correctly. Please download a fresh APK and try reinstalling the application from scratch. Remove the existing installation traces and then proceed towards retrying. Also, please make sure that the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ is turned on.

Morph TV – Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Does Morph TV occupy more space?

Morph TV is a lightweight application and doesn’t occupy more than 30 MB of space on your Android device.

Q – Can I alter the resolution of the video?

Yes, you, certainly, can alter the resolution of the video depending on your internet connection.

Q – Will I receive updates?

With Morph TV you needn’t worry about updates as it is an auto-updating application.

Morph TV APK Download on Android Mobile/Tablets

So, these are the steps to install Morph TV APK on Android mobile/tablets. If you face any issues during the installation process or have any questions to ask, please feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below. We will love to hear back from you.

113 thoughts on “Morph TV APK | Download Morph TV App on Android to Watch Movies & TV Shows

  1. Found a lot of buffering on a number of green links last night. Chose the links with the lowest ping, ended up using yellow link which worked fine.

  2. hello , i have problem with greek subtitles , doesnt find any subtitle… i think its because opensubtitles have them as “ell” and not greek, thanks

  3. Hi, I just installed Morph TV. It was great on the first day, especially the closed caption on tv because my wife and I are severely impaired. On day two, however, I am no longer able to get closed caption. It keeps telling me that it can’t find any subtitles. I can hit play and the tv episode plays with no caption. How can I get closed caption back. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t work.

  4. Got some problems with Greek subtitles. When you choose Greek subtitles and the abbreviation is gre, the Greek subtitles don’t show up. At a tablet that I have the abbreviation for Greek subtitles is ell. When it’s ell you can actually download Greek subtitles. But in most of my android appliances it shows gre instead of ell. Any ideas why is this happening?

  5. Hello from a major hardware reseller.
    I have decided to try using this off-shoot of Morpheus but am finding playback issues
    with ” Unsupported Audio Track ” . The inability to allow end user the choice to switch
    media players is a huge fault on this .APK – Finding this mostly on newer TV Series episodes
    could you please post solution OR allow users/programmers the choice to use MX/VLC or other
    multi audio/video players to enjoy your app.
    Thank You.

  6. I use Morph TV on a PC with Blue Stacks. There just happens to be a problem. When I try to use OpenSubtitles with Morph TV, I just get a message: “In order to activate OpenSubtitles service you need to Log In”. However, I find no place where login were possible. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Some characters like “ı”,”ş” etc. with subtitles in my language (Turkish) don’t just look right when watching torrent movies. MX player is also not supported with torrents. Please solve this problem.

  8. Tried installing latest update on android box, but I get the following message,

    App not installed

    The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name

    I deleted all of previous file related to morph tv ?john

  9. I downloaded morph TV and the movie and TV show poster icons aren’t showing up. I deleted and redownload keep getting same issue. I’ve cleared cashe and data no difference.

  10. Green links do not work, TV shows unsynched (will get a previous episode load for the one you wanted to watch.)

  11. Morph was working last week now it won’t launch anymore I am using a VPN and this is on a Nvidia shield.

  12. Appreciate any help. I am currently running Morph v1.74 on my android tv box. I downloaded v1.77 and I get the message Unfortunately Smarttv has stopped. Any help would be much appreciated.

  13. Great app.. Need to adjust the subtitle interface… When you adjust the delays.. The menu won’t go away without exiting the app… Hate to whine if I can’t contribute to the community.. But thought someone might want to know

  14. Vet 1.77 has trakt problem. When Open a Tv show iz days problem conecting to trakt. And I cant wath anything

  15. Hello: Sorry if I missed it, but I was looking for the “recommended” settings, such as: Buffer for playback (seconds) ; Min. buffer size (seconds); Max.buffersize (seconds) etc, etc. Thanks a bunch!

  16. Brilliant system, just one issue, no longer plays HLS on my phone or fire stick, Im on 1.77, am I missing a setting or is this a bug?

  17. Hello am from Australia I got my mobile samsung s9 plus will work on it do I need a divice like set top box or Nvidia shields on amazing

  18. Please use the UTF-8 encoding to display subtitles, otherwise any non ASCII characters are displayed wrong.

  19. How do I get a tv show deleted from favorites watch next? Can’t find a way for cancelled series. Now have a long line of programs I have to scroll through that are no longer airing.

  20. You have a very fantastic Movie Collection. I liked it very much. Your Website is really a nice platform for fantastic movies.

  21. Great app on my android TV box but there’s no option to download to an external SD card/USB, only internal storage. There’s no space on my hard disk for torrents. Can you please fix for next update? Thanks guys, love your work

  22. Thank you devs for your hard work, but the app will not cast to my Roku. I have installed AllCast and checked it off for use in the settings and it still will not cast. I see no other options in the settings to deal with this. Help please. Thanks.

  23. Is anyone else experiencing issues with sync for I’ve tried uninstalling and clearing memory but it’s not working.

  24. Hi there,

    I am having a problem with connecting my to Morph tv. My list show’s up of tv show’s I have saved, but when I click on the TV show, it show’s me an error message saying “There was a problem connecting to trakt.” I am just wondering what that problem is and how I go about fixing it, and or what you recommend I try. If someone could get back to me, that would be great.

  25. Each time I watch something , it jumps back to the beginning when about three quarters through ,then starts jumping through the next episodes .
    How can I stop this happening ??

    • We have updated the links, do check now.

      Links were broken and thanks for reporting 🙂

      Dev Admin.

  26. Is the app going to still be updated. I saw somewhere if might be going the way of its bro Morhpeus…been at 1.78 for months.

  27. The actual download buttons for the apk are no longer on the website. There is no way to actually download morph tv apk.

  28. Moroh needs update….No sources…or less than the original app.
    But if i try at the same time the same serie and the same episode in the original it shows sources.

  29. I am unable to download the apk file to install Morph…. none of the blue hyperlinks on the site for any of the versions seem to be working… was trying to install on my phone and my tablet.. no luck

  30. How can I get my favorite movies in alphabetical order? It’s automatically in alphabetical order with my favorite tv shows.

  31. When will there be an update. The sources seems stale and not many work well. Compared to Kodi seems lots of new sources exist. Also Real-Debrid support would be great thanks.

  32. Hi it been like a week since no links are being generated. Is there an issue with the app these days?

    Thanks for you revert

  33. I used Morpheus TV till some days ago, then no source available. Now I am using Morph TV and again no source available… What is happening?

    • Hey, Paul.

      App has been updated v1.78, please do check it out and its working fine for everyone here.


  34. Hi I’m having problems with my morph tv on my firestick.. its stopped generating links .. it tries searching then comes up with “could not find any sources for this content..”

  35. Hello, I love using morph tv on my 4k firestick it’s a great app but I’m very limited to what I can watch as for the size of things I only have 5gb of usable space. I do have a USB storage that I can use on my firestick but the morph TV app does not allow me to select my USB storage to download to this would be a great feature to add if y’all would add the ability to select a external storage to download to thanks for all the hard work making this great app I hope that y’all will consider what I ask.

  36. Hi:
    Installed on my Android 9 works great.
    Installed on my android 6 tv box, takes years to download, and when finally plays, I have “unsupported audio” and have to search for another source…
    Is it an android version issue?

  37. Hi, can you add subtitles text coding. My language is turkish and I think UTF-8 will be fine. Can you add this to subtitles settings

  38. Using morph tv v1.78
    Subtitles on movies working well but subtitles on tv show doesn’t show up. I can select wich subtitle i would but it doesn’t show up. Have tried evrything but it doesn’t work. Have tried older versions to but still the same problem. No setting to play with external player

    • Using 1.78. Worked well up to past week and now frequently get “Could not find any sources for this content” when searching for almost anything. Suggestions??

  39. Having trouble to find or generate link,couple of time retry buf still not there. 2 week ago its all fine ..then old movies cant be play now some new movies also cant get to play anymore such as 1917 and Frozen 2

  40. Hi guys,

    Love your App.
    Works well, for me.
    Want to let you know that support for real debrid would be super nice.


      • Just reinstalled from .APK from this website and I get no links on anything movies or tv shows.
        Why hasn’t an update been pushed since 1.78?

      • Is the Morph TV apk still working?
        I get no links and haven’t for a long time I haven’t uninstalled it hoping that it would be fixed at some point but nothing
        I cant find any info any where regarding this?
        Has it been blocked by uk or is it just completely shut down?

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